Panda User Guide

Welcome to the Panda Project Beginner's Guide You can find the information you need by clicking on the catalogue and jumping to the corresponding content.

1、First time in Panda

This chapter provides a brief introduction to the basic information about the Panda project, helping players to understand three basic concepts related to the Panda project and the direction of the project; The "One Minute Quick Understanding" section is included in each chapter to help players understand the concepts that are difficult to understand. Opinions are quoted from platform players and do not represent official opinions.

pageComposition of the communitypageRoadMappageToken Economics

2、Advanced Panda

This section provides detailed information about the KaBoSu platform, such as Panda NFT, Panda Wallet, Panda Public Chain, Panda Swap, the platform's featured systems, and games. At the end of the chapter, there is a game tips section, which summarises the game tips written by Panda community players, you can choose to browse according to your needs.

pagePanda NFT EcosystempagePanda GamefipagePanda WalletpagePanda SwappagePanda Public Chain

3、Co-construction of Panda

The value of every blockchain project is community-driven, so community members should be rewarded for their contributions to the community. Wherever the heart is, the heart will be, and every player will find their place on the Panda platform.

This section lists the official Panda social media addresses, community building channels, and feedback channels.

pagePanda Community VisionpageDevelopment of the communitypageComposition of the communitypageComposition of the community

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