Panda Army

Panda Army is a team of Panda community marketing members whose main task is to advertise and promote the Panda project on social platforms.

The team is made up of members from all over the world who are big fans of the Panda project, love the cryptocurrency industry, and have strong marketing skills and social influence.

Panda Army's promotional strategy focuses on X social platforms such as Twitter and Reddit. They regularly post updates about the Panda project, price trends, community events, and interact and communicate with other community members.

In addition, they will develop special promotional strategies for some celebrity figures, such as Elon Musk, to attract more attention and focus.

As the core supporters of the Panda project, members of the Panda Army will do more than simply publicise and promote the project; they will actively participate in community building and governance.

They will offer their opinions and suggestions to contribute to the development and progress of the project.

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