Panda Gamefi

Panda Gamefi is a NFT card game that combines NFT and game mechanics to provide users with an innovative form of entertainment.

In Panda Gamefi, users can enhance their strengths by levelling up their NFT. NFT cards represent different characters or props, each with unique attributes and skills. Users can acquire more NFT cards through various activities and quests in the game and increase their combat power by levelling them up.

The core content of the game is PK battles between users. Users can choose their own NFT cards to form a battle team and fight against other players. During the battle, players can use their own strategies and skills to win by matching and utilising the abilities of their NFT cards.

The winning team will be rewarded with Panda tokens as the outcome of the game. These tokens can be used in the Panda ecosystem, such as purchasing more NFT decks or participating in other activities. The losing side, on the other hand, loses the Panda tokens it has and needs to re-accumulate and boost them.

Through Panda Gamefi, users can experience the value and potential of NFT while having fun. They can earn rewards by levelling up their NFTs and participating in PK matches, as well as competing and communicating with other players. This innovative way of combining NFT and game mechanics brings users a new gaming experience.

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