Panda Swap

In the near future Panda will release its own SWAP

The main features include the following five points:

  1. High level of security and reliability. Swap employs multiple security mechanisms, including cryptographic algorithms, double authentication, multiple signatures, etc., to safeguard the security of users' digital assets. At the same time, Swap also adopts a distributed node network, making the trading platform more stable and reliable.

  2. Low Transaction Costs Swap adopts Bsc and Ether 2-layer protocol technology, which enables faster transaction speeds and lower transaction costs. Users can conduct efficient and low-cost digital asset transactions on Swap.

  3. Trading and management of multiple digital assets Swap supports the trading and management of multiple digital assets, including cryptocurrencies and tokens. Users can trade and manage a wide range of digital assets on Swap.

  4. Decentralisation: Swap adopts the DPoS consensus mechanism to achieve decentralised node election and management. At the same time, Swap also supports community governance mode, which allows community members to participate in the decision-making and management of the trading platform.

  5. Rich application scenarios and ecosystem Swap provides rich application scenarios and ecosystems, including decentralised exchanges, DeFi applications, etc., which provide users with more choices and opportunities. Users can trade various digital assets and participate in various application scenarios and ecosystems on Swap.

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