Panda social networking platform

Panda is a decentralised cryptocurrency whose social platforms are focused on Telegram and X. On Telegram, members of the Panda community can join official groups to exchange and discuss with other members about the latest news, price trends, community events and other information about the Panda project. In addition, Telegram provides an official Panda channel for important announcements and news.

On the X social platform, Panda Army members regularly post updates about the Panda project and interact and communicate with other community members.

In addition to publicity and promotion, Panda community members will actively participate in community building and governance. They will give their opinions and suggestions to contribute to the development and progress of the project.、

Panda social platforms are a very important communication channel that provides a wide platform for the development and promotion of the Panda project. Through these social platforms

Panda community members can communicate and interact with other members, share knowledge and information about the cryptocurrency space, and contribute to the development and progress of the cryptocurrency industry as a whole.

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